Charm Signature : Massaman Osso Bucco Charm Winter Signature: Crisp Rockling fillets with Kumquats and herbs Gluten Free Fried Calamari Grilled Chicken Dine with us

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Hours & Location

173 Victoria Ave. Albert park, VIC 3206
(03) 9686 8868

7 days trading: 5pm-10pm
Fri: 11.30am-3.30am

About Us

Welcome to Charm Thai! Since we opened in February 2008, Charm Thai Restaurant has enjoyed continuous positive reviews from food writers and journalists in various media.

It might be the beauty of our authentic Thai cuisine or contemporary art dining atmosphere you are enchanted by. It might be the charm of our personal services you are attracted to. The true meaning of Charm, however, is waiting for your own discovery.

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